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JAX Offers A Wide Variety Of Industry-Specific Products And Services

Food-Grade Lubricants

JAX has been at the forefront of food and beverage plant lubrication since the inception of true USDA food grade lubricants over 60 years ago. JAX was the first with a registered food grade grease at the birth of commercial food grade lubricants in our industry, and we continue to be first today with new product offerings for evermore demanding applications.


Industrial Lubricants

JAX formulates lubricants for the harshest industrial environments from the finest raw materials and additive chemistries, resulting in substantial, verifiable cost savings through extended machine life, reduced downtime and increased production.


Pressure-Lube Aerosols

Pressure-Lube, Inc. specializing in aerosolized lubricants and small packaging, manufactures JAX premium quality aerosol products for industrial, food grade, and fleet maintenance. We research and formulate JAX brand and custom private brand aerosols which dramatically outperform multi-purpose sprays. Visit the Store to learn more about the line of JAX aerosol products.



The Compresyn line of premium fluids is specifically designed to provide enhanced wear protection and superior fluid dispersing characteristics for air compressors, vacuum pumps, and other critical equipment. Compresyn products are specially blended with innovative and patented formulation technologies for food and beverage plants and other high-demand industrial applications.


Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants

JAX Bio-Guard™ lineup of products meets the technical definitions and requirements spelled out by the Vessel General Permit, intended to reduce the environmental impact of lubricant discharges on the ecosystem while providing superior performance and protection.


Oil Analysis

The used oil analysis program from the JAX/RPM Lab provides an invaluable tool for extending your equipment and lubricant life. Our color-coded reports make any deviations from machine or lubricant norms easy to spot. A relevant comment section may help direct maintenance personnel to the source of potential problems


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