Wire & Cable Use



Coating and Strippability Lubrication Products

The unique properties of DryFilm lubrication products makes them ideal in coatings that enhance lubricity and antistick properties on conductor or insulated wire and cable. These DryFilm dispersions are used to impart a thin, nonstick film on metal wires or on insulated wire for cable products and twisted wire in jackets. DryFilm lubrication products reduce insulation stripping force and provide nonstick abrasion resistance to twisted wire and lubricity for welding wire, wire forming, and knitting.


DryFilm lubrication products exhibit outstanding lubricity and extremely low coefficient of friction. The patented polymer is thermally stable and can be used at temperatures up to 300°C (581°F). The polymer is clean and nonmigrating, chemically inert, and not gummy or oily.

Wire Drawing Lubrication Products

DryFilm dispersions are extremely stable dry lubrication products that form a film on the wire surface for drawing. The product can also be used as a pre-coat to enhance the total performance of your drawing lubrication products. One to two die-pass systems are recommended.


DryFilm dispersions will exhibit a clean, inert, low friction surface that is beneficial for drawing a wide variety of specialty wire products. Post-finishing or cleaning is not necessary in most cases. Die wear is minimized, and faster speeds can be obtained.


» DryFilm Guide to Coatings and Lubricants for Wire & Cable (H-96098)

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