Vertrel™ XH specialty fluid

Vertrel™ XH specialty fluid is a proprietary azeotrope of Vertrel™ XF and heptane. Vertrel™ XH has zero ozone depletion potential, ideally suited for use in a vapor degreasing equipment for precision cleaning and rinsing for removal of particulate and light soils from metal, glass, and plastic parts. It is used to replace current hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and perfluorocarbon (PFC) fluids in most applications. Download the product brochure for Vertrel™ specialty fluids.


Vertrel™ XH is widely used for the following applications:

» Particulate/Ionic Removal
» Light Soil Removal
» Precision Cleaning
» Drying/Rinsing Agent

Because there are multiple Vertrel™ specialty fluid products that can be used for the same application depending on the specifics of your application, please contact we can guide you to the best solution for your specific needs.

Compatibility and Soils

Vertrel™ XH is compatible with most plastics and elastomers and can be used to clean a wide variety of soils, including cutting oils, gear oils, heavy greases, hydraulic oils, stamping oils, vacuum oils, waxes, and mineral oils. To check materials compatibility for your material and determine if Vertrel™ XH is the solution for you, please contact us.

Environmental Properties

Vertrel™ XH is non-flammable and does not become flammable during normal operation. Also, the product does not have vapor flammability limits in air. It is thermally stable and does not oxidize in air or degrade during storage. For more information refer to the Vertrel™ XH Safety Data Sheet

Acute toxicity studies show that Vertrel™ XH has low toxicity. It is a slight skin and eye irritant and has low inhalation toxicity. For details of exposure limits please refer to the Vertrel™ XH brochure

» Vertrel™XH Safety Data Sheet
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Our technical team can help guide you to the best Vertrel™ specialty fluids product for your specific needs. We can also work with you on custom applications. Please Contact Us