• Effective, Simple, and Consistent Vapor Degreasing with Vertrel™

    Vertrel™ specialty fluids are ideal for use in vapor degreasing systems. This of cleaning process has proven to be highly effective, simple, and consistent. Because Vertrel™ is azeotropic, it is an ideal cleaning fluid for a vapor degreaser.
  • The vapor degreasing process has some specific advantages over an aqueous or semi-aqueous process, including:

    » Short cycle times, which increases productivity
    » Parts exit the machine cool, dry, and spot-free (improving productivity and reducing cost)
    » Lower energy consumption
    » Excellent cleaning performance, even on complex geometries and tight clearances
    » Easy process monitoring with minimal effort Minimal waste generation
    » Easy reclamation
  • An optimally designed and operated vapor degreasing system can reduce solvent loss while ensuring process performance. This design can be achieved either by retrofitting existing equipment or through the purchase of new equipment.
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Please contact us to learn more about the effectiveness of Vertrel® specialty fluids in various applications.