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User & Applications

Applications Where
Vertrel® specialty fluids
Are Used.

Applications Where Vertrel® specialty fluids Are Used.

Vertrel® specialty fluids have unique physical and chemical properties that enable use in a wide range of applications. The environmental properties, nonflammability, and superior performance make Vertrel® a popular choice. Applications where Vertrel® specialty fluids are commonly used include:

Cleaning Solvents

Cleaning Solvents

Developed with performance and the environment in mind, Vertrel® specialty fluids are used for a wide variety of cleaning applications.



Oxygen Service Cleaning

Vertrel® specialty fluids are used to clean oxygen service parts, which is more critical than most other cleaning applications.

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Carrier Fluid / Lubricant Deposition

Vertrel® specialty fluids are used extensively in Carrier Fluid/Lubricant Deposition applications

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High-Voltage Dielectrics

The dielectric and breakdown voltage properties of Vertrel® XF make it the ideal choice.

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Heat Transfer Fluid

Vertrel® is a very effective heat transfer fluid. In evaporative cooling, Vertrel® is enclosed in a heat cycle system.

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Drying and Rinsing Agent

Vertrel™ has proven to be an excellent drying solution after aqueous cleaning.

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Please contact us to learn more about the effectiveness of Vertrel® specialty fluids in various applications.