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September 19, 2019
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November 25, 2019

MOLYKOTE® Smart Lubrication™ for industrial applications

Industry needs for autonomous functionality, connectivity, safety and sustainability are growing. MOLYKOTE® helps meet these needs with Smart Lubrication solutions known and trusted by equipment designers, OEMs and maintenance engineers worldwide.

MOLYKOTE® high-performance specialty lubricants are engineered to help you meet your toughest industrial lubrication challenges. Control friction and wear to save energy. Extend lubrication intervals to reduce maintenance. Enhance equipment reliability to maintain productivity.

In addition to a full range of high-performance greases, compounds, pastes, oils and fluids, dispersions, and anti-friction coatings, you can count on MOLYKOTE® for collaborative problem-solving and extensive technical support.

Designing a new piece of equipment? Facing a unique lubrication challenge? Let’s work together to find Smart Lubrication solutions for your industrial applications.



  • Control friction & wear
  • Protect against moisture & corrosion
  • Reduce noise, vibration, harshness
  • Control free motion
  • Ensure proper tightening, nondestructive disassembly
  • Lubricate inaccessible parts
  • Meet regulatory requirements



  • 70+ years of lubrication expertise and innovation
  • Lubricants application-matched to your load, environment, speed and temperature requirements
  • Global collaboration and development support

Source: https://www.dupont.com


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