Transportation Industry Uses Vertrel™ for its Precision Clean and Heat Transfer Attributes

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used for various applications in all the areas of transportation including aerospace, railway, and automotive.


Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used in the aerospace industry for a wide range of applications including:

  • Cleaning of the landing gear
  • As a heat transfer fluid for microwaves used in aircraft
  • Cleaning of PCBs and electronics
  • Oxygen service cleaning
  • As a cutting fluid when drilling micro-holes


In the automotive sector Vertrel™ can be used in several ways including:

  • Precision Cleaning and Particulate Removal
    Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used extensively in the automotive industry to precision clean critical precision parts which are used for fuel injection, in ABS brakes, or in compressors. Vertrel™ is used for cleaning electronic devices such as relays, sensors, and switches.
  • Carrier Fluid
    Vertrel™ specialty fluids are being used for the deposition of anti-squeaking materials that are used in various moving parts of an automobile, not only in the engine but also in the cabin. Vertrel™ is used extensively as a carrier fluid for deposition of materials in the instrument panel area.


Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used extensively as a heat transfer fluid in the power modules for high-speed trains. These modules get very hot and Vertrel™ enables cool down and performance without breaking down. As you can see Vertrel™ specialty fluids are being used extensively in the transportation industry for a wide variety of applications.

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