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Automotive, Industry & Marine Oils

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To manufacture your products on time, you need reliable equipment. We help you protect your machines and keep them running at peak efficiency with our ultra-high-performance oils and greases. We also develop special lubricants and provide you with tailored services to meet the challenges of your industry’s specific environment.

Lubricants: Our products and services support all industries

Whether you work in energy, chemicals, metals, textiles, glass, food or another industry, our lubricants help you get the most out of your equipment from oils and greases to aerosols and specialty products, such as cooling liquids.

Our industrial lubricants contribute to your production lines’ reliability and performance. Good lubrication helps reduce maintenance and energy costs. In the metalworking and textiles industries, for example, our oils help boost production quality. Building on our knowledge of industrial processes, we develop and market high-performance lubricants, formulated in collaboration with major manufacturers and equipment makers.

Lubricants for extreme conditions

Located in Russia, the most powerful rolling machine uses CERAN greases. It produces 1.5 million metric tons of steel plates per year. Total Russia successfully tested our CERAN XS 40 MOLY grease in an arctic environment where temperatures can drop to -44°C.

At your side around the world

Our industrial lubricants are distributed in more than 150 countries. In each one, we provide contact and support through tailored services and recommendations. Our employees help you locate the best product for your needs, notably through our Anac Indusoil analysis and machine diagnosis system, and by training your teams. Our goal is to help you become more competitive and boost your equipment’s productivity. To achieve this goal, our TIG software ensures optimal maintenance of your equipment.


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Total ® Lubricants

Automotive, Industry & Marine Oils

We are well aware of the heavy pressure on the industry’s shoulders due to the economic context and the crucial financial issues it is facing, which is why we have put our entire expertise at your service. Total Industrial Lubricants offers special lubricants suited in all respects to your areas of activity, your specifications and the regulations in force (REACH, biodegradability, HSE risks).