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Silicone Deposition and Tube Swelling

Vertrel™ Dissolves Most Silicones, Leaving a Uniform Coating

Vertrel™ specialty fluids can be used to swell medical tubing. Because of its lower surface tension, Vertrel™ can penetrate into the polymer matrix, causing the tubing to swell. Because of its fast drying nature, Vertrel™ can dissolve most silicones, leaving a uniform coating.


» Fast drying
» Excellent cleaning performance
» Low surface tension
» Effectively dissolves solvents

Recommended Products

» Vertrel™ SDG
» Vertrel™ XSi



» Effective, Simple, and Consistent Vapor Degreasing

Please contact us to identify the best Vertrel™ product for your Precision Cleaning applications.

Silicone Deposition and Tube Swelling