Vertrel™ Helps Semiconductor Industry Meet Stringent Quality Requirements

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used for various applications in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors are manufactured by deposition of silicone conductors and insulators on a wafer substrate. Contamination on any layer would destabilize the semiconducting phenomenon, making the semiconductor unusable. Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used extensively for semiconductor cleaning to meet the stringent quality requirements demanded. Specific applications related to semiconductors include heat transfer in power semiconductors and FOUP cleaning.

Heat Transfer in Power Semiconductors

Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) are used to produce power. IGBTs are used for applications such as driving of the axle in high-speed trains or in driving of high-speed elevators. One of the challenges faced in this industry is that the IGBT modules get very hot and need to be cooled down to prevent breakdown. Vertrel™ specialty fluids are effective in cooling down the IGBT module during its operation. Similarly, Vertrel™ can be used for cooling down semiconductor tools that are used for etching semiconductors.

FOUP Cleaning

Front open unified pods (FOUPs) are used to hold silicon wafers securely and safely in a controlled environment. FOUPs are made of specialized plastics and need to be extremely clean so that they do not contaminate the silicon chips that are placed in them. The main challenge in cleaning an FOUP is maintaining the high level of cleanliness required without using a solvent so aggressive that it causes damage. Vertrel™ specialty fluids and their alcohol azeotropes maintain this fine balance and are able to give the desired cleaning and drying performance without reacting with the FOUP plastic. This is just one example of how Vertrel™ specialty fluids are being used for cleaning in the semiconductor industry.

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