Stoner RotoFlow™ Improves Quality and Production of Rotationally Molded Parts

The ''small things'' often matter the most in rotational molding – especially when it comes to cause of defects, scrapped parts, and decreased production efficiency. Stoner RotoFlow™ was developed to solve the quality and production challenges that many rotational molding professionals face – reaching the inserts, tight radii, threads, and deep cavities of hard-to-fill parts. Stoner RotoFlow™ increases the flow of polyolefin and nylon resins into these difficult areas producing a fully molded part and nearly eliminating voids, pinholes, bridging, thinning, and static lines on the surface. RotoFlow™ is a TraSys® product expertly manufactured by Stoner Molding Solutions®.

Benefits of Stoner RotoFlow™

  • Improves the quality and consistency of rotomolded polyolefin and nylon parts.
  • Removes pinholes, voids, and blow outs.
  • Improves the appearance and operational performance of threads.
  • Contains no Class I or Class II ozone depleting substances.
  • Contains no CFC or HCFC propellants or solvents.
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents such as 1,1,1 trichloroethane or methylene chloride.
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Defective product without using RotoFlow™

Pinholes without using RotoFlow™

Quality production using RotoFlow™

After using RotoFlow™

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