Protection against passivation / corrosion: DST PAS®

Protects the oxidation surface after washing with DST-DEGREEZ® and DERUST®

DST-PAS provides protection against corrosion of metal substrates. The products differ because they must be used for specific types of metal, finishing and passivation requirements.
DST-PAS are created specifically for each type of metal depending on the application and are particularly effective in combination with DST-DEGREEZ metal cleaning products. The products are water-based and biodegradable. The surface remains clean and can be machined directly.

The durability of corrosion protection always depends on

• The purity of metal objects before passivation
• The quality of the raw water used for the passivation bath
• The concentration of any salts that have accumulated in the bath
• The metal alloy
• The humidity and temperature for subsequent storage
• The content of chloride, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air during storage

Characteristics Description
Low water washing temperature  Room temperature
Concentration Concentration in general 1%
pH for normal use concentration at 20 ° C  Generally alkaline Ph 
The pH for the normal use concentration is indicatedThe product can be used at room temperature. When sprayed starting from a temperature of 35 ° C.  


Provides protection against the corrosion of metal sublayers
Biodegradable water-based products.
Effective at room temperature
Significantly improves the work environment.
Easier waste handling.

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