Vertrel™ specialty fluids Are Versatile

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are versatile, with unique properties that enable use in a wide range of applications. Chemours brings a wide range of Vertrel™ products with specific applications and industries in mind. Vertrel™ specialty fluid products are compatible with a broad range of plastics, elastomers, and metals, making them suitable for multiple applications in a variety of industries.


Recommended Products

Carrier Fluid / Lubricant Deposition » Vertrel™ SDG: Best for use with hydrocarbon and silicone compounds
» Vertrel™ XF: Good for use with fluorinated compounds
» Vertrel™ XSi: Best for use with silicone lubricants
Cleaning Solvents » Vertrel™ SFR: Strongest cleaner with ionic removal
» Vertrel™ SDG: Best value cleaner
» Vertrel™ SMT: Good cleaner with ionic removal; broad materials compatibility
» Vertrel™ MCA: Good cleaner with broad materials compatibility; Oxygen safe
» Vertrel™ MCA Plus: Excellent cleaner with broad materials compatibility; cleans Krytox™ fluorinated oils and greases
Defluxing » Vertrel™ SFR: Strongest cleaner in its class for removing high-temperature, lead-free solder flux
» Vertrel™ SMT: More compatible with plastic parts; Used with traditional lead solder flux
Drying/Rinsing Agent Vertrel™ XE , Vertrel™ XP , and Vertrel™ X-P10 : Used for absorption drying to remove low levels of moisture/water
Heat Transfer Fluid » Vertrel™ XF: Low dielectric constant; Low viscosity; Good thermal conductivity
High-Voltage Dielectrics » Vertrel™ XF: Nonflammable; Low dielectric constant

Our technical team can help guide you to the best Vertrel™ specialty fluids product for your specific needs. We can also work with you on custom applications. Please Contact Us