Vertrel™ solvents, An Affordable Solution for Precision Cleaning

Vertrel™ specialty fluids offer a convenient and affordable solution to address issues associated with precision cleaning. Precision cleaning requires that the surface be free of spots, oil, dust, and other contaminants. Chemours Lab Technicial preparing to clean partsIdeally used in a vapor degreaser, Vertrel™ can dissolve light oils, light grease, fingerprints, and other contaminants. Vertrel™ specialty fluids are designed to clean parts with complex shapes and micro or blind holes where solvent, or water if aqueous cleaning is used, can get trapped.


» Low surface tension; improved wetting properties
» Excellent cleaning performance
» Fast drying
» Ideal boiling point for use in a vapor degreaser
» Compatible with ultrasonics

Recommended Products

» Vertrel™ SFR
» Vertrel™ SDG
» Vertrel™ XF
» Vertrel™ XM
» Vertrel™ XE
» Vertrel™ XP
» Vertrel™ SMT
» Vertrel™ MCA
» Vertrel™ MCA Plus



» Effective, Simple, and Consistent Vapor Degreasing

Please contact us to identify the best Vertrel™ product for your Precision Cleaning applications.