Parts cleaning and degreasing products - DST DEGREEZ ®

DST-DEGREEZ® is an ecologically documented concept suitable for degreasing and cleaning all types of metal items from copper and brass to aluminum, steel and cast iron.
The products are demulsifying, which means that the oil is separated from the washing solution and can be removed from the bath using an oil skimmer.
The oil is efficiently removed from the metal surface using mechanical action, such as spray, brush, ultrasound, etc. This leaves a completely clean, oil-free surface in the metal pores.


All the equipments that used conventional emulsification degreasing has deposits of silicates, dirt, grease, oil and other substances in the machine, nozzles and hoses.
These factors significantly reduce the efficiency of the washing process.
Before switching (the transition) to the use of DST - DEGREEZ®, we recommend cleaning the installation and neutralizing improper deposits.
For this process we use the cleaning product DST-DEGREEZ / M1 or DST-DEGREEZ / M2.

Characteristics Description
Demulsifying products  The oil is separated from the washing solution 
Low water washing temperature  40°C ~ 45˚C
Concentration 5%
pH for normal use concentration at 20 ° C  In general Ph neutral 
Ecologically-documented product

Degreases all types of metals due to pH ranging from slightly acidic to neutral and slightly alkaline.
Very good results at temperatures of 40-45 degrees Celsius, compared to other products that generally wash at 60-65 degrees Celsius.
The DST products do not attack grease but separate them from parts, so the grease rises to the surface and is taken up by the oil separator.

Short washing time with fewer stops due to demulsifying products.
Significant cost reductions (over 40%) in the consumption of electricity, water and degreaser by extending the life of the pool (basin)
Biodegradable product
It does not irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract
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