Optics Industry Uses Vertrel™ for Cleaning, Drying, and Reducing Reflection

Vertrel™ specialty fluids have been used for a variety of applications in the optics industry ranging from cleaning, to drying, to reducing reflection. Below are some of the major application areas where Vertrel™ has been used in the optics industry.

Cleaning Optical Assemblies

Cleaning optical assemblies and lenses can be very challenging despite their simple and uncomplicated shapes. The main challenges faced are how to get spot-free drying and, if the lens is coated with sensitive material, how to clean the lens without damaging the coating. Vertrel™ specialty fluids offer the ideal balance between cleaning performance and aggression, making it the top choice for these critical cleaning operations.

Drying of Lenses

After grinding and polishing the lens, a strong residue can remain that must be cleaned using an aggressive aqueous cleaning process. Once complete, the lens needs to be dried and completely clear with no spots or marks. Vertrel™ specialty fluids have been designed to do just that. After cleaning, the lens manufacturer can use a Vertrel™ dip to ensure that the lens is dried completely and is spot-free. In addition to the drying quality, another advantage is an increase in throughput as the parts dry in seconds, resulting in much lower energy costs as compared with hot air knives or ovens.

Coatings for Improved Performance

A series of products are being developed and used to enhance the properties of the lenses or parts that they are applied to. These coatings are used to reduce the reflectivity of the glass on which they are coated, enabling the customer to achieve either of two things:

  • reduce the glare in case a high-intensity light falls on the glass
  • increase the amount of light that passes through the glass

Fiber Optics

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are being used extensively in the fiber optics industry. When two pieces of fiber optics are to be joined with each other they are spliced and then joined. It is critical that the two ends are cleaned thoroughly before they are joined. If unclean ends are joined, the joint will result in data loss. Vertrel™ has become the clear choice for this critical post-joining cleaning operation due to its consistent and excellent performance..

Cleaning Flat Panels

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used extensively to wipe clean flat panels of glass that are used in applications such as plasma televisions. In this application Vertrel™ is used to clean light soils and fingerprints, leaving behind a contaminant-free and spot-free surface.

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