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Molykote™ Smart Lubrication

High-performance lubrication


Solid to semisolid materials consisting of a lubricating fluid, thickening agent and additives. Used on rolling element bearings and other moving parts.



High Performance Industrial Lubricating Oils

Based on hydroprocessed mineral oils or synthetic base stocks such as polyalphaolefin (PAO) and esters, these lubricating fluids are fortified with carefully selected additives to provide optimum performance and service life while maximizing protection of the equipment and machinery they are designed to lubricate.




Grease-like materials containing a very high percentage of solid lubricants. Used for assembly and lubrication of highly loaded, slow moving parts for threaded fasteners.




Grease-like materials composed of silicone fluids and silica fillers. Used for their sealing, dielectric, non-metal-to-metal lubricating and release properties.




Finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids; preferred when it is necessary to apply solid lubricants in liquid form.



Anti-Friction Coatings

“Lubricating paints”; when applied, these materials cure to form dry, solid lubricant coatings that are bonded to the surface.



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