Medical Industry Uses Vertrel™ for Several Applications

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used for several applications in the medical industry. Some of the applications for which Vertrel™ is extensively used include cleaning of parts, carrier fluids for fluorolubricants, and deposition and cleaning of silicones.

Cleaning of Parts

Cleaning medical devices is very important to prevent infection when they are used on the patient. Vertrel™ has been selected by several medical device manufacturers to clean their parts since they are certain of the quality and performance of Vertrel™ specialty fluids. The low surface tension of the fluids ensure good cleaning even in tight spots, and the relatively low boiling point ensures that there is no solvent left on the part.

Carrier Fluid for Fluorolubricants

Parts that enter the body, such as needles, are coated with a thin lubricant that enables easy entry into the body, reducing the pain. Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used to deposit the lubricants evenly on these parts. In this application, the lubricant is dissolved in the Vertrel™ and the part is passed through the solution. As the Vertrel™ evaporates, it leaves behind an even layer of the fluorolubricant on the part. High quality and consistent performance makes Vertrel™ specialty fluids the number one choice for this application.

Deposition and Cleaning of Silicones

Vertrel™ specialty fluids can be used to deposit silicones in an application similar to the fluorolubricant application described above. In addition to being used as carrier or deposition fluid, Vertrel™ can also be used to clean off the excess silicone that may be deposited during this process.

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