Use Vertrel™ to Clean Light Soils without Damaging the Material

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are nonaggressive solvents that can be used to remove light soils without damaging the substrate. Parts cleaned with Vertrel™ specialty fluids come out dry and spot-free, unlike aqueous-based cleaning systems where the surfactant may be left behind.


» Spot-free drying
» No separate drying step required, thereby improving throughput
» Fast drying
» No oven or hot air drying, therefore lower energy costs
» Less floor space required because separate dryer is unnecessary
» Parts can be handled immediately after cleaning due to low temperature operation

Recommended Products

» Vertrel™ SFR
» Vertrel™ SDG
» Vertrel™ XF
» Vertrel™ XM
» Vertrel™ XE
» Vertrel™ XP
» Vertrel™ MCA



» Effective, Simple, and Consistent Vapor Degreasing

Please contact us to identify the best Vertrel™ product for your Precision Cleaning applications.