Jewelry/Watch Industry Chooses Vertrel™ specialty fluids

In the jewelry, watch, and lifestyle goods industry finishing is critical. The aesthetics of the product is often what drives the customer to make a purchase. One of the problems that this industry faces is that when water is used for cleaning there are often spots left behind once the part dries. Therefore, spot-free drying is critical in this industry. Vertrel™ specialty fluids have emerged as the drying system of choice in this industry due to its stellar performance. After the aqueous cleaning step, a step of solvent drying is added where the parts are immersed in Vertrel™. The parts are held in the vapor space of the Vertrel™ for a few seconds so that the solvent flashes off. The result is a spotlessly clean, dry, and cool part for immediate handling. Other benefits of using the solvent drying system are the increase in throughput and the lower energy consumption when compared with an oven or hot air knife drying system. Vertrel™ can also be used directly as a cleaning solvent for these lifestyle products if the soils to be removed are not very difficult to clean.

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