Innovative rust removal: DST DERUST®

DST-DERUST® is an almost neutral product that replaces commonly used acid and pickling baths.
The DST-DERUST products are incredibly effective at a water temperature equal to room temperature.
The so frequently used acid and pickling baths can now be replaced with an environmentally friendly product. DST-DERUST® is a fantastic ecological substitute for these harmful products.
This environmentally friendly replacement means that parts or components can be laser welded directly after treatment.
The metal is so well-cleaned that dyeing or vulcanization are now possible directly after treatment with DST-DERUST / 3 without the need for blasting.

Characteristics Description
Low water washing temperature  15-55°C
Concentration 10-30% depending on rust level
pH for normal use concentration at 20 ° C  5,7 ~ 6,5 
 For extremely stubborn rust, the recommended working temperature is 40 ° CAny mechanical movements (spray, ultrasound or agitation) help to get better and faster results.  

Removes even the most stubborn rust.
pH neutral
Effective at room temperature.
100% biodegradable

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