Industrial floor cleaning product: DST-FLOOR CLEANER

DST-FLOOR CLEANER is a product derived from DST Degreez (product dedicated to degreasing parts after mechanical processing or heat treatment), which makes it an extremely effective product for very oily floors, even at a concentration of 1%.
Easily removes oil, grease, dirt and rubber marks.
Leave the work space clean from the first round of cleaning, ensuring clean and non-slip surfaces.
DST-FLOOR CLEANER mixes in water and works on all types of floor washing machines and manual operations.

Characteristics Description
Low water washing temperature  Temperature-room water
pH for normal use concentration at 20 ° C  9,4 
 Extremely efficient - reduces operation time.  

Ensures a clean and well-maintained environment.
Works on all types of flooring.
pH neutral
100% biodegradable - ecological
Safe for operators and the environment.

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