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Industry Manufacturers Choose Vertrel™ for Disk Lubing and Drive Assembly Cleaning

Vertrel™ specialty fluids have become the number one choice of hard disk drive and media manufacturers for disk lubing and drive assembly cleaning applications.

Disk Lubing

Every hard disk that is manufactured is coated with a lubricant that needs to be applied evenly on the disk surface, which is critical to the performance of the hard disk. The lubricant to be deposited on the hard disk is dissolved in Vertrel™ and the uncoated hard disks are then immersed in this solution. Using a very strictly controlled process, the hard disks are slowly removed from the solution. As they are removed, the solvent (Vertrel™ specialty fluid) evaporates, leaving behind a thin, even film on the disk. Its high performance and consistent results have made Vertrel™ the number one choice in the hard disk drive and media industry. /p>

Drive Assembly Cleaning

The drive assembly is a very critical part in a hard disk drive. Any contamination or particulate matter in the assembly can damage the hard disk, resulting in the loss of valuable data stored on it. To ensure that such an accident does not happen, disk drive assembly manufacturers have chosen Vertrel™ to clean the parts that make up the disk drive assembly. Consistent high performance ensures that Vertrel™ specialty fluids are the number one choice for cleaning critical drive assemblies and parts.

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HDD Industry Manufacturers cleaner