Electronics Industry Uses Vertrel™ to Clean Printed Circuit Boards

The most extensive use of Vertrel™ specialty fluids in the electronics industry is in the cleaning of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Cleaning PCBs has recently become more challenging, mainly because:

  • Lead-free solder is used and the temperatures for soldering have increased, leaving behind a more stubborn residue to be cleaned.
  • More is being packed onto one PCB, drastically reducing the gap between the parts that are mounted on the PCBs and making it more difficult to clean.

Vertrel™ specialty fluids have risen to the demands of the electronics world and is the solvent of choice for electronics used in critical operations. Its low surface tension allows Vertrel™ to get through the tightest clearances, and its good solubility ensures a suitably cleaned product. Typical use for cleaning electronics (PCBs) is in a vapor degreaser.

In addition to the vapor degreasing cleaning application described here, there are several aerosol manufacturers that have developed aerosols for cleaning electronics using Vertrel™.

Please contact us if you have any questions about developing aerosols using Vertrel™ specialty fluids.