Pure performance

Typical improvements:

  • Very good results at temperatures of 40-45 ° C, compared to products that wash at 60-65 ° C.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Short washing time, with fewer stops due to demulsifying products.
  • Safe biodegradable product without sacrificing cleaning power.
  • Significant cost reductions (over 40%) in the consumption of electricity, water and degreaser by extending the life of the pool.

DST-Chemicals helps customers achieve their goals of reducing costs and improving quality, all with a low impact on the environment.

- DST DEGREEZ: Biodegradable solutions for washing / degreasing parts after mechanical processing or heat treatment.
- DST DEBURR: Solutions to remove oxidation / rust from parts, following thermal or chemical deburring operations
- DST PAS: Corrosion protection solutions
- DST DERUST: Rust removal solutions on parts in old or rusty stocks during transport.
- DST FLOOR CLEANER - extremely dirty and contaminated floor cleaning solution from production halls

DST-CHEMICALS has one of the most modern laboratories in Europe in terms of the development of environmentally friendly and highly efficient degreasers. Working closely with each customer, it offers customized degreasing, anti-rust and temporary corrosion protection solutions.

DST-CHEMICALS surface cleaning and treatment products are extremely effective at low temperatures and with low water consumption.

DST-Chemicals presents a four-step custom work concept:

1. Test and analysis
DST-CHIMICE Tech Center - a test for the separation of oils / emulsions used by the customer and creates customized DST-CHEMICALS products for it. If it is possible for the parts to be sent by the customer, they will be subjected to a washing test.
Based on the tests, our specialists will decide the right product for the customer. The final choice will be documented in the product selection report. The analyses of the Technical Center ensure the achievement of the agreed result by the fast and efficient conversion to the DST-CHEMICALS product.

2. Implementation - careful and complete
The machine cleaning and conversion is managed by experienced DST-CHEMICALS technicians. The testing period is 21 days, including visits and continuous testing.

3. Success - will and quality
After obtaining the agreed result, the client's employees will be trained free of charge to use DST-CHEMICALS products. The conversion of additional facilities (systems) and regular service visits will be done according to customer's needs.

4. Service - versatility and flexibility
The DST-CHEMICALS service technicians carry out the agreed visits to check the quality of the purity, the condition of the bath and the whole washing process in general.

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