DryFilm Coatings and Additives

Coating & Release systems

DryFilm Lubrication Products for General Industrial Use

DryFilm lubrication products offer great alternatives to greases and oils where long-term friction reduction, clean adherence to components, or cosmetic appearance is top priority. DryFilms are extremely stable and nonflammable, while offering enough durability to lubricate components for the life of the part. DryFilm lubrication products accommodate almost as many methods of application as the end-use industries they serve. High-performance DryFilm dispersions have use in consumer applications such as:

  • Bicycle chains
  • Sliding doors and windows
  • Garden tools
  • Slides and rollers
  • Zippers
  • Cutting tools

Automotive Interiors

  • Apply as a lubrication product for metal or plastic moving parts for required lubricity
  • Spray onto components, such as plastic clips used to hold instrument panels together, to permanently eliminate friction and noise caused by heat expansion or vibration
  • Eliminate cosmetic problems such as messy, dark-colored greases by applying to moving parts like removable seats or armrest mechanisms


  • Reduces friction and allows connectors or seals to easily slip into appropriate connections
  • Provides components with permanent protection from dust, dirt, and contaminants (as opposed to hydrocarbons and silicones that go on wet and attract dirt
  • Effective for metal-on-metal, plastic-on-metal, or plastic-on-plastic connections
  • Facilitates easy movement for switches and connectors, without attracting dirt

Rubber and Plastic Molds

  • Reduces coefficients of friction as a release agent between component surfaces and the mold, allowing components to eject up to four times faster
  • Increases productivity by eliminating time-consuming mold cleaning and parts post-finishing

Grease Thickening

  • Improves thickening efficiency as a result of the small size and uniformity of its particles

DryFilm Coatings and Additives

Coating & Release systems