Cleaning products after thermal or chemical deburring: DST - DEBURR®

DST - DEBURR® offers a range of products for fast and efficient cleaning after thermal or chemical deburring.
After the thermal deburring process, the surface of the part is covered with combustion products in the form of metal oxides / rust.
This coating must be removed before any further processing and usually takes place with strong acids, such as phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid.
With this in mind, DST-CHEMICALS has developed a range of products to replace pickling baths. The products are pH neutral, easily biodegradable and do not irritate the skin.
The optimal result is obtained in an ultrasonic washing installation from the first stage.
The use of DST-DEGREEZ® products extends the life of the bath, and the quality of the washed items is improved, as they can be laser welded directly.

Characteristics Description
Low water washing temperature  20°C
Concentration 10% ~ 30%
pH for normal use concentration at 20 ° C  4,5 ~ 6,5 
DST-DEBURR® has a neutral pH, is easily biodegradable and does not irritate the skin. 

Effectively removes the oxide layer.
Improves parts quality.
Effective from 20 ° C.
100% biodegradable.
Significantly improves the work environment.
Easier waste handling.

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