Carrier Fluid/Lubricant Deposition

Choose Vertrel™ for Your Carrier Fluid and Lubricant Deposition Needs

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are used extensively in Carrier Fluid/Lubricant Deposition applications such as:

  • Fluorolubricants deposition in the hard disk drive industry
  • Silicone/PTFE-based lubricants deposition in the medical industry
  • Spray adhesives carrier solvent in the adhesive industry


» Ideal replacement for PFCs, HCFCs, and nPB
» High solubility with various types of lubricants and adhesives
» Fast drying
» Low surface tension for coating of tight spaces
» Able to deposit a uniform layer of coating on a substrate

Recommended Products

» Vertrel™ XF
» Vertrel™ XSi
» Vertrel™ SDG



» Vertrel™ as an Alternative to nPB

Please contact us to identify the best Vertrel™ product for your Precision Cleaning applications.

Carrier Fluid/Lubricant Deposition