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May 20, 2019

Extreme conditions require extreme performance

performance lubricants

performance lubricants

Tribologists, Lubrication Professionals And Maintenance Engineers.

Wear, vibration, corrosion, contamination – every day you’re asked to find lubrication solutions that fit defined limitations in costs, temperatures, materials and chemical properties. 


Extreme conditions require extreme performance.
Krytox™ synthetic industrial lubricants thrive on tough challenges, in the most unforgiving environments, across a wide array of industries. When you need a solution to lubrication issues where extreme temperatures, non-flammability, oxygen compatibility, longevity, and resistance to caustic chemicals are critical, Krytox™ lubricants can help. For superior performance, less maintenance and longer use-life, you’ll find a quality Krytox™ lubricant for your application, listed by industry, below.

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