Krytox® Performance Lubricants
Help You Win Your Battle Against Friction.

Krytox® Performance Lubricants Help You Win Your Battle Against Friction.

For those who regularly manage lubrication issues, every day is a fight against the forces of excess friction, vibration and wear. Krytox® oils, greases and solvents offer advanced lubricant solutions for a broad variety of industrial applications.

Bearings & Sintered Bearings

Longer bearing life is the ultimate goal, and Krytox® greases can help you attain 5-50 times longer life.

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Electric Motors

Krytox® greases offer the potential for a lubed-for-life solution in demanding electric motor bearing applications.

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Functional Fluids

Krytox® laboratory professionals can help you develop your own unique and sustainable mono-functional perfluorinated ethers based on poly-hexfluoropropylene oxide.

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Krytox® oils and greases stand up to steam, caustic chemicals and temperature extremes, and won’t oxidize — ideal for gear lubrication.

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Extreme Temperatures

When the heat is really on, Krytox® Performance Lubricants prove their worth — extending component life and reducing downtime.

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Krytox® Performance Lubricants can improve the performance of your O-rings — and make an excellent assembly lube.

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Temperature resistant and compatible with most seal materials. When compared to conventional lubricants, Krytox® greases form better barriers and provide longer seal life.

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Smooth operation in extreme temperatures and longer use-life make Krytox® lubricants a first choice for valve seals.

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