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PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS is a Romanian company with branches in Serbia, Bulgaria and Moldova. We are distributors throughout the Balkans, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Albania of Chemours® (DuPont®) company for brands such as Krytox® (extreme temperature and operating lubricants), Vertrel® and DryFilm®. We are authorized distributor of Molykote® brand, in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. We are the only representative on the Balkan area for TraSys mold releasing agents from Stoner, degresears from DST Chemicals Denmark, lubricants from Molydal and Metalworking Fluids, Industrial Lubricants & Cleaners from Chemarrow and the automatic lubrication solutions from Pulsarlube. We are authorized distributors for Eni, Cyclon and other lubricants. We have over 25 years of experience in the distribution of automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants and other chemical solutions (releasing agents and degreasers).

We specialize in oils, greases and other
high-performance products.

We pursue

the highest standards professionally,

We want to build a business legacy, our goal is to take that solid foundation and improve upon it still..

Our people are the best in the industry, bringing years of experience in sales, chemistries and engineering to customers. We pursue the highest standards professionally, personally, and ethically. Empowered by a bold mindset, we always strive for improvement and aim to provide the best products to our costumers. We bring best products believing that great products raise people’s living standards and spread happiness.

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