Lubrication Solutions

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Lubrication Solutions


Food quality range
Every product in our Food quality range are manufactured in accordance with the FDA and are NSF homologated.

Industrial greases and assembly compounds
Optimum bearing lubrication even under extreme conditions of temperature (from -50°C to 1200°C), chemical environments and outdoor applications

Industrial degreasing agents
MOLYDAL offers a range of high-performance industrial degreasing agents for all uses, free from chlorine solvents, HCFC and ethylene-glycol.

Industrial maintenance products
MOLYDAL presents a complete range of industrial maintenance products and protection products intended for preventive maintenance – staples in all workshops.

Glues & sealants
Fixing, sealing etc. a complete range of products for any applications, any materials and in any conditions (high temperatures)

Eco-friendly lubricants
Combining performance and human and environment care, molydal look to the future

Lubrication systems
Centralised lubrication systems, accessories, roller lubrication or Minimum-Quantity-Lubrication (spraying systems)

Lubricants for metalworking
Over the years, Molydal has acquired a great experience in machining, stretching, deep drawing, stamping and cutting technologies allowing us to offer a complete range of metalworking fluids

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